Green Verea

Verea, environment-friendly roofs


Engaged industry

We design and realize our industrial processes with the least environmental impact:

And, of course, we strictly comply with environmental legislation.

Natural product

Verea roof tiles have four clear characteristics related to the environment:



Energy efficiency:



You can download the information about the environmental performance of ceramic tiles in the Environmental Product Statement, verified by Aenor: DAP-Tejas

The Environmental Product Statements provide reliable, relevant, transparent, comparable and verified information that makes it possible to highlight a product that is respectful of the environment.

Climate change

In Verea we are committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases, implementing energy efficiency actions:

We are the firts roof tile factory to obtain the Carboon Footprint:

The Carboon Footprint Registration recognizes Verea's committment to reducing its emissions and contributing to the fight against climate change.


Waste management plan

The Royal Decree 105/2008, by which it regulates the production and management of construction and demolition waste, establishes that the producer of construction and demolition waste must include in the execution project​ a study of waste containing, among other information, in kg and m3, of waste to be generated in the job.​

In order to make the preparation of the waste management pan easier, we inform you of the waste generated in the Verea System colocation.​

Waste management plan