04 july 2018

Green Building Council Spain includes the Verea roof tiles in its 'Green Materials Platform'

Verea roof tiles contribute to add credits in different categories of sustainable construction certifications

Verea roof tiles have been included at the 'Green Material Platform' of Green Building Council Spain (GBCe), a service for professionals and companies that facilitates the environmental information of products and construction systems, to publicize ther environmental, social and economic benefits.

GBCe is an organization that promotes the transformation of the construction sector towards sustainability, with internationally updated and comparable methods and tools for an assessment of the sustainability of buildings.

Verea roof tiles, a sustainable construction

The Platform presents in an agile and clear way the documentation required by the GREEN, LEED and BREEAM certification seals, which certify the environmental behavior of the products and their contribution to the environmental quality of the buildings. 

Verea roof tiles contribute to add credists in different categories of sustainable construction certifications. In the case of the LEED certificate, the products contribute it three categories: Sustainable Sites, Materials and Resources and Innovation in Design. For the BREEAM certification, it contributes in four categories: Management, Materials, Waste and Innovation. And the GREEN one contribute in the category of Natural Resources. The inclusion of Verea in the GBCe material platform is an abal for the company's commitment to sustainability.

Verea recommends fot the installation of the roof its own installation system, the only one approved in Spain and developed with the corresponding Technical Suitability Documents (DIT nº 622/16 for Verea System and DIT nº 590R/18 for Verea Line), compatible with any type of insulation.

Among its advantages are: reduction of humidity, since it is a ventilated roof that overcomes winds of more than 180 km/h; and its easy assembly, based on the use of metal hooks, secrews and polyurethane foam.

These systems increase both the performance of the roof and the durability of the roof tiles, for which the company offers a guarantee of 500 years.