19 may 2017

Verea, first ceramic manufacturer offering 50 years of guarantee for all its ceramic roof tiles

Verea obtains the greater durability of the market thanks to the selection of clays of its quarries and to the implantation of modern processes of cooking and drying.

Verea is proud to be able to offer its clients a 50 year warranty of exemption of defects in its ceramic tile products, which places it as the first spanish manufacturer to offer such a wide coverage for all its ceramic products.


The increase in the warranty period for Verea roof tiles is the result of the investments made in the factory since 2003, the research carried out in the Department of Quality and Innovation of the company and the accumulated experience of the behavior of Verea products in the market.


''The changes introduced in the manufacturing system over the years and the introduction of modern cooking and drying processes allow us to offer products with greater resistance to temperature contrasts and physical pressure'', explains Luis Verea, CEO of the company.



Roof tiles exceeding 500 ice-thaw cycles

Among other factors, Verea has achieved the highest durability in the market, thanks to the careful selection of the clays used in the production of tiles, from their own quarries, which are subjected to a milling and rotting process that confer the perfect characteristics for the manufacture of tiles.

Also, Verea has been able to optimaze the cooking process of the tiles, at 1050 degrees of temperature, which allows to obtain a product with regractory properties that reduce the capacity of water absorption, increasing the resistance to frost. In addition, Verea carries out continuos controls of the tiles, both in the own laboratory and in accredited external laboratories, to guarantee the quality of all the products.

This rigorous production system allows all Verea roof tile to be classified as level 1 of frost resistance, according to the European standard UNE EN 539-2, which requires more than 150 cycles of ice-thaw. However, Verea tiles have exceeded 500 cycles in tests carried out in independent laboratories certified by AENOR.


Verea System

To obtain the 50 year warranty, the products must be installed in accordance with the requirements established in the Verea System, the only roofing system approved in Spain and developed by Verea according to the Technical Suitability documents.

The guarantee assumes that Verea is remposible for the removal of defective roof tiles and the supply and installation of replacement roof tiles. For more information on the guarantee, the interested parties can consult: www.ceramicaverea.com


50 years of experience

Verea, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has just obtained the Aenor quality and environmental certificates, in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, after adapting its management system to the new framework of these standards, published in 2015.

The Galician company, based in Mesía (A Coruña), maintains its vocation of continuous improvement and reinforces its commitment to the quality of its products and the care of the environment. It was the first tile manufacturer to register in the Carbon Footprint, Compensation and CO2 Absorption Projects of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (Magrama), in 2015, and is the only one in the sector with the certificate that granted the Eco-Management and Eco-Audit Community Regulation (EMAS) since 2005.

Verea has the capacity to manufacture 50 million roof tiles annually. The company, with 50 years of experience, has a workforce of 45 workers. It currently exports 50% of its production to more than 25 countries on four continents.




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