13 february 2019

Verea participates for eight year in the International Roofing Expo, with the objective of expanding the market in North America

It is the most important international show specialized in the construction of roofs in which more than ten thousand professionals of the sector will meet. More than 50% of Verea's turnover in 2018 came from foreign markets such as the United States and the Caribbean, Chile and Russia.

Verea participates this week at the International Roofing Expo for the eight consecutive year, with the aim of expanding the market in other US states with the sale of the 'S' and the 'Caribbean S' roof tiles, specifically designed to attend the demand in the US, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. 

The International Roofing Expo 2019, which takes place from February 11 to 13 in Nashville (Tennessee, USA), is the most important annual roofing show that brings together the main companies of the American market and the latest technological innovations. The show brings together more than 10.000 professionals from the roofing sector and involves 467 companies from 62 countries.

Verea roof tiles have great presence in the United States, due to their quality and ability to attend the demand of a region where the technical and quality requirements of these materials are very high, due to the weather and the presence of hurricanes and tropcal storms in the south of the country.



The US, a key country in Verea's exports

Verea exports its roof tiles to 29 countries on four continents and in recent years has increased its exports to American markets. In 2018, approximately 50% of Verea's turnover was made abroad. 

The exploration of the United States market by Verea began in 2006 and in 2017 increased its exports thanks to the production of the 'Caribbean S' roof tile, designed to attend the rised demand in the US and the Caribbean countries. Nowadays, Verea roof tiles are present in North American states such as Florida, Texas, New York or Luisiana.

Located in an industrial complex of almost 300.000 square meters, distributed among 3 production lines with capacity to manufacture 50 million tiles a yeas, a grinding plant prepared to process more than 200.000 tons per years and two storage yards. The company invoices 10 million euros and employs 46 workers.