Real Fábrica de Cristales

Country Spain
Location La Granja de San Ildefonso, SEGOVIA
Product Barrel Roof Tile
Color Jacobea
Installation Verea System
Area 11500 m2
Installation company TRAGSA (Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A.)
Construction management Manuel Vega y María Lamela

The Real Fábrica de Cristales was built with the arrival of the dynasty of the Borbones to Spain in 1727, as a factory of flat crystals.

The building, currently preserved in San Ildefonso, is one of the best examples of European industrial architecture of the eighteenth century. It was commissioned by Carlos III to José Díaz Gamones, Royal Rigger Master, after having suffered the previous building a fire in 1770.

In neoclassical style, it forms a unitary set where the different activities of the glassmarking were mixed with the houses of the craftsmen. Over time, the building underwent numerous reforms in its structure and distribution, largely as a result of changes in the energy system.

The Museo del Vidrio located in La Granja de San Ildefonso offers in more thant 16.000m2 various exhibitions that allow to contemplate pieces, lamps, molds and instrumental and machinery used in the glass industry, composing a great attractive and didactic sample of the products made of glass and its scientific and technical aspects.

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