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As a result of Verea's experience as a manufacturer of ceramic roof tiles and its installation companies, the construction systems conforming to the Technical Building Code have been approved, the specifications of which are set out in Technical Approval No. 622/16 (Verea System) and No. 590R/18 (VereaLine System).

These constructive solutions represent an advance in the execution of the roofs, increasing the performance of the roof and the durability of its components, without increasing the installation costs.

As a reward for the job well done, Verea presents the seal of quality in the installation of roofs, which guarantees a constructive system of quality approved.


The Verea group has developed and approved installation systems fot the Barrel Roof Tile and the Spanish S Roof Tile (DIT nº622/16 and DIT nº590R/18) that adapt to any type of roof structure. These solutions provide the installer with greater ease and speed of execution, resulting in a roof of quality, ecological, respectful with the environment and in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Building Code.



Barrel Roof Tile Installation

DIT 622/16  -  DIT 590R/18 (sobre Onduline)  -  Manual de Instalación

Spanish S Roof Tile Installation

DIT 622/16  -  DIT 590R/18 (sobre Onduline)


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